Hi. I’m Svenja, a 29 year old girl born in the tiny country of Luxembourg in the middle of Europe. My little sidekick is Jari, my finnish Lapphund. I patiently waited so long to finally get a dog and I would love to share my thoughts, adventures and our daily shenanigans with you.

What we love the most is to spend time outdoors. Being surrounded just by nature calms me. My biggest joy is to see the world through the eyes of Jari. When was the last time that you stopped and just enjoyed the day. Get out, smell the flowers, watch the wildlife and just enjoy life. We take so much for granted but we forget to live in the moment.

Traveling is one of my biggest passions. Before I got Jari I traveled a lot through the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Now, with Jari by my side we travel to places we can reach by car but every 2 years I want to travel to a new destination and Jari will be watched by my parents.

Our biggest passion is to spend time outdoors, going on roadtrips or taking a nap.

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