Collar Club Box

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Few months ago I researched to get a suprise box for Jari. Most boxes I know are from the US and were no option for us as we live in Europe. After some research I found the Collar Club Supscription Box. I subscribed to Collar Club Box to receive a monthly suprise box for Jari because I really loved their approach. Here’s what the Company says “Subscription box for dogs, full of natural treats & safe, eco-friendly toys”

I needed to test that. What I liked most is that you can cancel your subscription any time. If you don’t like it or your dog isn’t into it you can cancel your subscription. Cancel it at least 5 working days advance of your next billing date to ensure you are not charged for the following month. But we already received 3 boxes now (i think) and Jari loves them so much. Jo, the owner from Collar Club is so sweet. She answers every question you have and she really is so happy to receive feedback on her boxes.

What is Collar Club?

Collar Club is a monthly subscription box for your dog; containing only natural treats and sustainable toys. Every collar club box will contain:

  • One carefully selected toy, tested to the highest standards and usually with some eco features to boo
  • A selection of 100% natural treats, usually one meat & one fish based.
  • One tasty natural chew or chewy toy.

In addition every month there will some surprise items! These will include amazing grooming products, doggy accessories and recipe cards to make your own natural treats.


You can choose between 3 boxes – Monthy, Bi-monthly and quaterly. But most important you can tell them if your dog has allergies and so on. You chose the size of your dog, your dogs name, if they have allergies.

What I love is that a percentage of the profit from each Collar Club subscription sale goes towards their Collars for Shelters project which provides Collars and bandanas to dogs in need.

April – Happy Easter Box

To show you what a box looks like I took some pictures of it. Jari was so happy that he directly took the toy out of it and played around. He’s always so happy when the box arrives that it’s really hard to get some pictures done.

In this months box we had so yummy things.

  • Harleybearcocobites
  • Raw Dry Irish Beef Jerky
  • Nandi of Africa Freeze dried lamb treats
  • Jr pet Products – Rabbit ears
  • Lee Lee’s Doggy Kitchen – Easter egg biscuits
  • The golden Paste Company – TurmerEase Snacks

And of course a super soft plush toy filled with 100% natural wool.

Jari did try some of the delicious treats and he really was so happy to try them.

Jari is always so cautious when he gets new snacks. At first he looks at them, sniffs, tries to take a bit, sniffs again. Sometimes people think he doesn’t like them but in reality he really just takes his time.

He’s a real gourmet.

If you’re interested in trying out these amazing boxes just head over to: or follow them on Instagram

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